2019 Fundraiser

Once a year, we extend an invitation for you to join forces with us by contributing financially. It is our goal and passionate endeavor, to provide expedient, reliable, fire protection and medical services to our community. Furthermore, we purposely go above and beyond what is required, to provide public services and education for our citizens.
Firefighters are experts at extinguishing fires, but we do much more. For starters, we take fire safety education very seriously and have created a special division to accomplish this task. It is our goal to go into every school and childcare center in Broussard, to educate our children on the ABC’s of Fire Safety. The Fire Prevention Department also has the responsibility of pre-incident planning. The Property Insurance Association of Louisiana requires this department to hold floor plans for every business in this city, as a preemptive preparation for fire. We strive to perform these duties in a timely and efficient manner, which as a bonus, affects our fire ratings positively.

Very often, Broussard Fire Department is first on scene for Medical Emergencies, Auto Crashes, and Fire Alarms. Broussard Firefighters are continuously receiving training to keep skills sharp and up to date. Our firefighters are also required to maintain the highest levels of physical fitness, to meet the rigorous physical demands required in this service. It is our goal to answer every call with excellence, prepared skillfully, mentally and physically, so when the bell rings, there is no hesitation at all.
Broussard is growing at an incredible pace; Broussard Fire Department must also grow to meet the demands of a growing population. We are in the process of bringing more skilled firefighters onboard to meet those demands. The future looks bright for Broussard, Louisiana, we are excited to grow with our city.

Your donations speak volumes to us, they say, “we are in this together.” Every penny is accounted for, the funds collected are always reinvested here, at your local fire department, enabling us to maintain and expand our services and capabilities, in service to you, the citizens of Broussard.

Thank you for joining forces with us through your 2019, tax-deductible, financial contributions. It is our honor to serve you.

Make Checks Payable To:
Broussard Fire Department
501 E. Main St.
Broussard, LA 70518

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