2020 Fundraiser

One year! That is the amount of time that has passed since our last letter to you. It has been a year full of trials and triumphs. The Covid-19 pandemic has threatened our lives and our livelihoods, and with true American resolve, we are coming through it stronger, wiser, and more committed to each other’s wellbeing than ever before. We admire the care, endurance, and strength displayed by our citizens throughout this season. Broussard Fire Department is privileged and honored to have been allowed to join forces with you to overcome and bare each other’s burdens in new and creative ways. Part of our efforts to help resulted in over 125 children’s birthday, drive-by parades, putting smiles on faces throughout Broussard during very difficult days. We assisted in delivering over 1,200 face masks to aid businesses in reopening safely. We helped local merchants serve over 1,500 plate lunches to those in need. We stood by for numerous church services, food drives, and free Covid-19 testing at St. Julien’s Park. All this and much more while continuing to hold the front-line for alarms, fires, medical calls, and vehicle accidents.

As always, it is our goal and passionate endeavor, to provide expedient, reliable, fire protection, and first response emergency medical services to our community and our record proves we are meeting and surpassing those goals. Utilizing 30 part-time employees and 26 volunteer firefighters, Broussard Fire Department responded to 840 calls in 2019 with an average of nine firefighters per call, our average arrival time being 5 minutes and 34 seconds.

Our rating improved from four to three, according to the Property Insurance Association of Louisiana. This affects our homeowner’s premiums favorably. We are proud of the progress we have made and attribute this to the hard work and dedication of our Fire Chiefs and staff and the support of Mayor Ray Bourque, the City Council, and contributors like you.

2019 also brought to fruition the formation of an Honor Guard. There are veterans and patriots in our ranks who have served our country at home and abroad and love our country fiercely. The primary purpose for the Honor Guard is to provide funeral honors for fallen comrades and serve as the “guardians of the colors” by displaying and escorting the national flag on ceremonial occasions. We love and respect our country, our national flag, and all she stands for; long may she wave!

We appreciate your contributions and support. Every penny is accounted for, the funds collected are always reinvested here, at your local fire department, enabling us to maintain and expand our services and capabilities, in service to you, the citizens of Broussard.

Thank you for joining forces with us through your financial contributions! It is our honor to serve you!