Alex Bourque Blood Drive

Alex Bourque is a Firefighter with the Lafayette Fire Department and also works part-time with the Broussard Fire Department.

Alex recently was having leg pains, after visiting the doctor and after running several tests, examinations, Alex was diagnosed with cancer.

Alex is in 25year old, married with one child, he and his wife are expecting, their second child in a few months.

Even more recently, after the cancer diagnosis. Alex broke his femur, which was due to degradation, compilations from the cancer.

To aid and support our friend in need, Broussard Fire Department is hosting a blood drive, coming up on Monday, June 14th, 3pm-8pm, at 310 Main St. Broussard.  The blood drive will be conducted by Our Lady of Lourdes Blood Donor Center.  Scan bar code on flyer to make an appointment or go to

As a firefighter, Alex has gone above and beyond for others, without hesitation.

Let us all take the opportunity to give our support to Alex and his family in their time of need.

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